The shortness of life is all the more reason for living purposefully and without regrets

The shortness of life is all the more reason for living purposefully and without regrets

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I happen to be a believer in Randy Pausch’s sentiment that we don’t triumph over the much abhorred and feared grim ripper by living longer but rather, by living purposefully and well. Life has ample time for you and I to live freely and fully while working towards achieving your wildest dreams. Fantasies have been brought to life by devoted and principled individuals who knew that life is long enough to for them to be whoever they wanted to be. Want to master the trick into living a long and pleasurable life? Shed off the insatiable greed; while at it, I highly recommend that you also desist from carrying out tiresome tasks that are unrewarding. If you worry too much because your ambition’s actualization lies at the mercy of other parties, quit hoping and start strategizing afresh; doesn’t matter how many times it falters. Eventually, it will pay off! You may be surprised to realize that the amount of time you have really lived in your existence is relatively short. The rest is just a chunk of time stashed away in regrettable memories. I acknowledge that personal contact, in business, highly contribute to the success of your business but hey, don’t you feel suffocated and having lost the freedom of privacy? Everyone is somehow always frustrated and too pre-occupied with other person’s woes; certainly living purposefully. Some folks can audibly declare that their superiors are insolent just because they were too pre-occupied in their obviously busy schedules. What they don’t even notice are their own demeanor’s; they’re perfect but their superiors aren’t. This is definitely not an honest account on the real issue here which is living a quality life that is not barred by the precincts of time. Pose to your conscience this question; what am I pre-occupied with? Is it being a fanatic of a self-declared achiever and living in their gloomy shadow? Is it spending time at your well-manicured lawn and supposedly worrying about monetary competition? If the answers to both questions are yes, you are on the verge of shortening your short life further. Outlive these unnecessary pre-occupational ventures. Pre-occupy yourself with worthy friends who challenge you. I sign off with Lucius annaeus’s ‘it’s not that we have a short time to live, but we waste a lot of it’.


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Erwin Felicilda

Erwin Felicilda

Erwin Felicilda is an entrepreneur, mobile game producer, and marketer. He's advised several successful tech startups, including Grooveshark. This blog is the result of a decade of ruthless life-optimization.
Erwin Felicilda
Erwin Felicilda  

Erwin Felicilda is an internet marketer & entreprenuer. He's advised several ventured-backed startups, including Solar Games. Formerly at Grooveshark. He's currently the Head of Growth for Partender & Founder of Rhino Mob. Erwin brings a decade of online marketing, growth hacking & testing experience to the table. This blog is the result of a decade of ruthless life-optimization.


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